MO Department of Mental Health

State law provides three principal missions for the department: (1) the prevention of mental disorders, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, and compulsive gambling; (2) the treatment, habilitation, and rehabilitation of Missourians who have those conditions; and (3) the improvement of public understanding and attitudes about mental disorders, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, and compulsive gambling.

For general information, visit their website at or call the Central Office in Jefferson City   573-751-4122 OR toll-free at 1-800-364-9687. If you have a complaint call Michelle Gerstner at 573-751-8088 OR toll-free at 800-364-9687       



Fulton State Hospital is the oldest state psychiatric facility west of the Mississippi River. The Biggs and Guhleman Forensic Centers on the campus treat patients with serious mental illness who are committed by Missouri courts for evaluation and treatment related to a crime, or who have seriously assaulted patients or staff in another Missouri state psychiatric hospital. Biggs is the state’s only maximum security psychiatric facility. All other Missouri state psychiatric hospitals serve minimum security patients.

Hawthorn Children’s Psychiatric Hospital is located at 1901 Pennsylvania Avenue in St. Louis County. It is the only free-standing children's psychiatric hospital in Missouri and has a service territory encompassing the eastern third of the state. For more information, call 314-512-7800.

St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center is located at 5300 Arsenal Street in the city of St. Louis. It provides intermediate and long-term inpatient psychiatric and psychosocial rehabilitation services to adults with severe, persistent mental illnesses. Also provides forensic evaluation and treatment/rehabilitation for those committed to the facility.  For further information call 314-877-6500

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