Wellness Seminars

We live in challenging times and we are stressed in many different ways. More people are juggling raising children and taking care of aging parents, while trying to meet professional obligations. People are looking for education and support in order to adapt to our changing world.

MHA wants to start the conversation and give you the skills needed to make mental wellness part of everyday life. Our seminars provide a variety of techniques to help you care for mental health just as you care for physical health. These refreshing seminars are perfect for employees at agencies or companies, civic organizations, church groups, etc.  Due the COVID pandemic, all Wellness Seminars are currently being delivered virtually. If you don't see what you're looking for, reach out to Lara and Julie, our Wellness Seminars team, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  For a PDF flyer of the Wellness Seminars, click here.   

Encourages you to recognize signs and symptoms of stress and provides practical self-management strategies for everyday use. Click here to watch Address Stress in 30 Minutes.

Unchecked stress can lead to burnout. This seminar offers practical tools, resources and strategies to confront burnout and replace it with improved work-life balance.

Learn the differences between burnout, vicarious trauma, caregiver stress and compassion fatigue. This seminar views wellness as an ethical mandate for those in the helping professions and provides techniques for maintaining one's mental health.

Explore the relationship between feelings, thinking and actions, as well as their impact on communication and relationships. Boost your E.I. for personal and professional success.

This seminar helps you choose and implement proven, practical skills to help meet the demands of everyday life and maintain mental wellness. For a preview of what's covered in our seminar, visit the Live Your Life Well page at our national office's site.

Learn valuable skills to calm the body, minimize worry and rumination, and re-frame anxious thoughts to create a more peaceful life. Interactive portions of the seminar draw upon a strengths-based approach.

Explore the stages and learn tips for navigating the grief and loss process. Learn about myths of this process and how to support family, friends, clients, and co-workers who have experienced grief and/or loss.

Strategies to strengthen your ability to regulate emotions, build attention to detail, and enhance problem-solving skills, all of which help you to stay focused on the present.

Learn to manage your energy instead of time in order to improve productivity.  In this seminar, you'll explore ways to replenish four types of energy, set meaningful goals, maintain motivation and combat procrastination.

In this seminar you'll learn essential information and practice skill-building activities for adapting well to life changes, transitions or challenging circumstances.

This seminar will help you diminish negative self-talk, build self-esteem and learn to treat yourself as you would your closest friend.

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