BRIDGES stands for Building Recovery of Individual Dreams and Goals through Education and Support.  It is a peer-run self-help program of mental health recovery classes and support groups for individuals who live with a mental illness. BRIDGES strengthens “a new and valued sense of self and purpose,” the prize earned for living well with mental health issues.

How will BRIDGES meet my needs?

If you live with a mental illness...

You will learn about mental illness, treatment and self-help skills in either our Crossings classes (10-week education course) or our Footsteps classes (5-week education course). In our Support Groups, you'll discuss the challenges and triumphs of living with psychiatric disabilities. Through the “Principles of Support” and the companionship of others who live with mental illness, you may find the emotional “glue” that helps you stay together when you feel shattered. 

You could also qualify to be trained as a teacher and/or facilitator.  In those roles you will be paid to teach classes and lead support groups.

If you’re a treatment provider...

You will be offering your clients evidence-based, peer-led mental health recovery classes and support groups with no need for extra staff or training.  And you can help direct your clients to employment opportunities, healthier and happier lives, and even greater self-esteem.

What is one word to describe BRIDGES? Recovery!  Click here for a short video on the power of BRIDGES.

There is no cost to participants or the organizations that sponsor BRIDGES.  Mental Health America of Eastern Missouri offers BRIDGES throughout the state.

If you want…

  • more information about BRIDGES education classes or support groups in your area,
  • more information about becoming a BRIDGES teacher or facilitator,
  • or if you would like us to bring the BRIDGES program to your clients at your agency,

contact Ramona Taylor, the BRIDGES Program Director, at 314-773-1399 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What recent participants say about their experience in a BRIDGES class...

"The thing I enjoyed most was being made aware of our rights."

"I'm learning the things I need to cope with PTSD and have a more productive life."

and in a BRIDGES support group...

"I wish more clients could or would tap into these discussions and classes...I'm proud to be a part of BRIDGES."

"I think this group is a lifesaver."